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6 Steps to prepare your car for winter

By, 2023-11-07

Qatar Winter


We are now welcoming the season of cold and rain. In this season, the temperature falls and affects the country in general, so It needs many steps to welcome this season and be fully equipped. This season is known by having significant difficulties during driving, including low visibility, slippage and other risks .


Cars and their parts are also affected by low temperatures, which can lead to many problems in the car. The exposure of the car to rain may affect the car so bad if not handled properly.


To avoid these breakdown and problems that may happen to your car during winter, you must prepare your car for winter, water and low temperatures by following a set of tips and steps to protect yourself and protect your car as well.


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6 Important Steps to Prepare Your Car for Winter:


1. Clean the car from inside and outside


This is the first and most important step you should take to prepare your car for winter. Because the exterior of the car is one of the most exposed part to weather conditions in winter, you have to clean it well and cover it with wax to save the body from rust and maintain the car paint.


Do not forget to clean your car from inside to receive winter, and you can use air freshener to avoid unpleasant smells that may occur due to long car closure.


2. Check the battery


Car battery is one of the most important parts to be ready for winter. The battery operates many other parts of the car, such as glass wipers and heating system. So make sure that the car battery is working properly. We recommend you to visit the car specialist to make sure they work properly.


3 - Check fluids and oils i


Car fluids and oils are affected by low temperatures in the winter, so check the fluids and oils in the car such as engine oil, lime oil, brake oil, and coolant water. Temperature may also affect the viscosity of liquids and oils used in cars, so you should know the best types to use in the car during winter by checking the user manual of your car.


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4. Check glass wipers


It is important to ensure that glass wipers work in a way that makes it easier to see while driving. Make sure that the rubber blades are in a good condition to avoid any vision problems while driving.


5 - Check tires


Tires are the most sensitive part of your car in winter, so make sure to check several things in tires, including tire pressure, depth of the tread, and make sure there are no cracks in the tires. Experts advise that the depth of the treadmill should not be less than 4 mm to help keeping the car stable while using brakes.


6. Check lights


Lights are one of the important parts that drivers use frequently in winter because of low visibility, so you should check all the lights in the car to make sure they work efficiently and make sure that all the glass covers of the bulbs are transparent and clean.


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